Optional Extras
Dual Pent Summerhouse


Standard Features

  • Half glazed arch top double doors with antique hinges, ornate handle and lever lock.
  • 2 Arch top fixed front windows
  • 2 Top hung opening windows (1 in each side panel)
  • Integrated 4' storage room with side access
  • Galvanised bolted hinges and padbolt protector  
  • Profiled fascia boards
  • Incudes fully tongue and grooved floor with bearers


Standard Eaves ht. 1937mm                    Double Doors on 8' 1780mm x 1103mm
Standard Ridge ht.  2153mm                    Double Doors on 10' 1780mm x 1512mm
Framing 34mm x 44mm                            Security Door 1869mm x 908mm
Cladding 12mm x 121mm                          Front Windows 1010mm x 445mm
                                                          Side Windows 1040mm x 717mm



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