Standard Features

  • Fully tongue and grooved
  • Front and side fixed windows
  • 1ft Roof overhang 
  • Lock and key
  • Ledged and braced door
  • Incudes fully tongue and grooved floor with bearers


Standard Eaves ht. 1685mm            Door 1775mm x 762mm
Standard Ridge ht.                        Windows 610mm x 457mm
6ft Gable = 2160mm                       Framing 34mm x 44mm
7ft Gable = 2270mm                       Cladding 12mm x 121mm
8ft Gable = 2280mm
10ft Gable = 2370mm


5x7    £509.99            8x8    £699.99
6x6    £509.99            10x6    £719.99
8x6    £549.99            10x8    £839.99

Optional Extras

44mm x 44mm Framing 15% Extra
70mm x 44mm Framing 25% Extra
18mm x 121mm Premier Cladding 20% Extra
15mm x 96mm Log Lap Cladding 20% Extra
22mm Floor Boards £1.60 Per sq.ft
Increased Eaves Height by 4.5" 8% Extra
Heavy Duty Felt £1.00per sq.ft
Felt Tiles (Red, Green and Gray) £80.00 Per Box
(1 Box Covers 3 sq.m)
Scollopped Barge Boards £42.00
Opening Window £55.00
Acrylic Safety Glass £25 per window
Heavy Duty Door Knob and Lock £26.00
Ramp For 2'6" Door £70.00
Additional Shed Door Fitted £105.00
Stable Door Upgrade £50.00
Higher Shed Door By 4.5" £30.00
Increased Shed Door to 3'6" £60.00
Double Doors 4ft Wide £88.00
Double Doors 5ft Wide £100.00
Double Doors 6ft Wide £140.00
Double Doors 7ft Wide £170.00