Optional Extras
Traditional Barn


Standard Features

  • Fully framed and braced 5ft barn style double doors
  • 44mm x 44mm Diagonal Bracing In Gable Ends
  • Galvanised Bolted Hinges
  • Door knob handle
  • Rim lock and key
  • One fixed window above door
  • 44 x 44 Framing
  • Internal shelf 33'' wide
  • Toughened glass
  • Heavy duty felt 
  • Incudes Fully Tongue And Grooved Floor With Bearers
  • Specification

    Standard Eaves ht. 1680mm                   Double Doors on a 6' 1980mm x 1525mm
    Standard Ridge ht. 8' Gable  2980mm       Double Doors 1930mm x 1525mm
    Standard Ridge ht. 10' Gable  3355mm      Window 460mm x 460mm
    Cladding 12mm x 121mm                        Framing 44mm x 44mm 


    Optional Extras