The Groundsman


Standard Features

  • Fully tongue and grooved
  • Door can be positioned at any side or end wall
  • 70mm x 44mm Fully framed double doors
  • Mortice lock and key with antique handles
  • Heavy duty hinges
  • Opening window
  • Heavy duty felt
  • Work bench
  • Diagonal bracing
  • 3' Fully framed boxed door and fully boarded both sides
  • 70mm x 44mm Framed roofing truss
  • Incudes fully tongue and grooved floor with bearers

Door Options 



Standard Eaves ht. 1864mm            Double Doors 1880mm x 1220mm
Standard Ridge ht.                         Fixed Windows 610mm x 457mm
4ft Gable = 2190mm                       Opening Window 552mm x 400mm
5ft Gable = 2260mm                       Cladding 12mm x 121mm
6ft Gable = 2336mm                       Framing 70mm x 44mm
8ft Gable = 2475mm

Bench Specification
(h) 835mm x (w)1850mm x (d) 635mm


8x6      £889.99          8x8      £1049.99
10x6      £999.99          10x8      £1199.99
12x6      £1199.99          12x8      £1699.99

8x10     £1249.99
10x10     £1579.99

12x10     £1899.99

Optional Extras

18mm x 121mm Premier Cladding           20% Extra
15mm x 96mm Log Lap Cladding            20% Extra
22mm Floor Boards                              £1.60 Per sq.ft
Increased Eaves Height by 4.5"              8% Extra
Heavy Duty Felt                                   £1.00per sq.ft
Felt Tiles (Red, Green and Gray)            £80.00 Per Box
(1 Box Covers 3 sq.m)
Scollopped Barge Boards                      £42.00
Acrylic Safety Glass                             £25 per window
Security Bolted Hinges                         £60 per door
Additional Shed Door Fitted                 £105.00
Higher Shed Door By 4.5"                     £30.00

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