Standard Features

  • Fully glazed Georgian double doors with antique hinges, ornate handle and lever lock. 
  • 2 Top hung side windows
  • 3ft veranda with boarding on underside  
  • Door drip  
  • Incudes fully tongue and grooved floor with bearers


Standard Eaves ht. 2260mm                    Double Doors 1790mm x 1103mm
Standard Ridge ht.  2410mm                    Windows 9' 1010mm x 475mm
Cladding 12mm x 121mm                         Windows 10' 11' 1040mm x 717mm
Framing 34mm x 44mm


9x9     £1399.99
10x10     £1599.99
11x11     £1699.99
Including veranda


44mm x 44mm Framing                         15% Extra
70mm x 44mm Framing                         25% Extra
18mm x 121mm Premier Cladding           20% Extra
15mm x 96mm Log Lap Cladding            20% Extra
22mm Floor Boards                              £1.35 Per sq.ft
Increased Eaves Height by 4.5"              8% Extra
Heavy Duty Felt                                   £0.90per sq.ft
Felt Tiles (Red, Green and Gray)            £76.00 Per Box
(1 Box Covers 3 sq.m)

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