Optional Extras
Candy Cabin


Model shown in picture shows Candy Cabin with optional veranda

Standard Features

  • Stable Door With Diamond Window
  • 2 Acrylic Georgian Windows
  • 1 Window Box
  • Internal Bunk With Safety Rail And Ladder With Hand Rail
  • Profiled Fascias
  • 1ft Roof Canopy
  • Includes Fully Tongue And Grooved Floor With Bearers
  • Specification

    Standard Eaves ht. 1435mm Low Side                      Stable Door: 
    Standard Eaves ht. 1785mm High Side                     Top 678mm x 596mm
    Standard Ridge ht. 2360mm                                    Bottom 730mm x 596mm
    Cladding 12mm x 121mm                                        Windows 457mm x 457mm
    Framing 34mm x 44mm                 


    Options Available