Optional Extras
Benley Pent


Standard Features

  • Diagonal Bracing in the sides
  • Diagonal Bracing in the ends
  • 44mm x 34mm Boxed framed door
  • 6ft 2inch High door (available in either end)
  • Standard Press lock and key
  • Zinc plated hinges
  • 3 fixed windows
  • Heavy duty felt
  • Incudes fully tongue and grooved floor with bearers

Door Options 



Standard Eaves ht. 1937mm                        Door 1778mm x 914mm
Standard Ridge ht.  2153mm                        Windows 610mm x 457mm
Framing 34mm x 44mm                                Cladding 12mm x 121mm


6x4      £519.99                   6x5       £569.99
7x5      £589.99                   6x6       £629.99
8x6      £699.99                 10x6       £799.99
8x8      £899.99                 12x6       £899.99
10x8    £999.99                 12x8       £1129.99

Optional Extras